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Advancing God's Kingdom by developing indigenous leaders 
who multiply the message of Biblical stewardship.


Everything on Earth belongs to God - all the money, all the stuff, even our very lives.  Imagine if the billions of people around the planet who live in constant scarcity came to understand this truth.  How might it change their communities?  Imagine if the wealthiest people on the planet came to understand it, too!

God has given International Steward a calling to develop leaders around the world who will raise up movements of stewardship and generosity into the furthest reaches of His Kingdom.  These leaders are change-agents who alleviate poverty, in all its various forms, by fostering holistic community transformation.   

Through the principles of Biblical stewardship and local sustainability, they are changing the world ... one village, one church, one family at a time.   

"Every Christian a maturing steward, every ministry locally funded."

$50,000 Challenge can DOUBLE your support!

Every dollar given to International Steward always multiplies into the lives of leaders around the world.  This special matching challenge gift means your dollars will be multiplied in even greater ways.  Your gift stimulates local giving in some of the most remore areas of the world and that multiplies the growth of the God's Kingdom worldwide.

And now your gift can go TWICE AS FAR through the $50,000 Summer Matching Challenge.

Recently, a generous friend of International Steward provided a wonderful opportunity with a $50,000 matching challenge gift.  All gifts received between July 1, 2014 and August 31, 2014 will be matched, up to $50,000.

This means that your gift of:

    $25.00 (becomes $50.00 when matched)

    $50.00 (becomes $100.00 when matched)

    $100.00 (becomes $200.00 when matched)

    $250.00 (becomes $500.00 when matched) 

    $350.00 (becomes $700.00 when matched)

    $500.00 (becomes $1,000.00 when matched)

Through the Challenge, your immediate gift will be DOUBLED to provide more training, more coaching, more resource development, and more encouragement to leaders worldwide. Please give today before this opportunity runs out. Thank you!






As of August 18, 2014

Generosity Changes Everything

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